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Breaking: Ex-Straits Times scholar charged with having underage sex with 15-year-old girl

A 29 year-old former reporter with The Straits Times (ST) was charged in court on Monday with three counts of having consensual sex with a minor.

The Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) local scholar is accused of having oral sex with the 15-year-old girl at a house off Upper Paya Lebar Road between November and December 2011, and at a male public toilet at Fort Canning Park in the early months of last year. The third charge alleges that he had sex with the minor at a flat in Serangoon Avenue 1 on June 23 last year.

The case against him will be mentioned on Nov 18 after his lawyer Mathew Kurian sought a four-week adjournment to make representations. Mr Kurian also requested that his client's name be kept out of the media as it could lead to the disclosure of the victim. This, after the court granted a gag order on the victim. The prosecution had no objections.

The accused joined The Straits Times in 2009 but his employment was terminated on Jan 18 this year. If convicted, he faces a jail term of up to 10 years and/or fined on each charge.


You really wonder why the courts need to order a gag on the identity of the perpetrator when it was already disclosed in Feb as one Elsen Teo. It is even more confusing when the courts have readily disclosed such sex offenders . If it is the policy not to name any person accused of sexual crime before they're convicted, why does the court not tell us about it? What is so special about this SPH scholar? Anyway his identity is here:  


The Straits Times
Monday, Feb 04, 2013

SINGAPORE - A FORMER reporter with The Straits Times is being investigated by the police over an allegation of underage sex.

Mr Eisen Teo, 28, who was on the Schools team, had his services terminated by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) on Jan 18. This followed an internal investigation.

An SPH spokesman said yesterday: "As the police investigation is still ongoing, we are unable to provide further details at this point in time."

Mr Teo was called in for questioning by the police in late December. It is understood that he has not been charged.

A Singapore Press Holdings local scholar, he joined the paper in 2009 and was part of the Schools team, which produces two magazines for schools - Little Red Dot for primary pupils, and IN for secondary students.

It also conducts activities for students in its media club.

He was well regarded by colleagues and news of the police probe shocked the newsroom.


Irresponsible Gay Sex is readily available in S'pore as Club 17 releases statement

From Straits Times:

"A naked businessman found hanging at an all-male spa could have died as the result of a sex game that went wrong, a court heard yesterday.

Mr Yeo Hung Song may have been practising auto-erotic asphyxiation, which involves starving the brain of oxygen to increase sexual arousal.

But State Coroner Imran Abdul Hamid said that suicide was also a possibility. He added that the 48-year-old restaurant boss, who was not married, suffered from depression and was believed to have harboured suicidal tendencies.

Mr Yeo was found dead in a cubicle at Club One Seven Spa & Gym - which is strictly for men only and has membership cards that list no names but only numbers. The court heard that he arrived on a motorbike at about 2pm on Nov 19 last year."

Club 17 has just released a statement on its Facebook page. It claims that "a homosexual in Singapore can be a very lonely and confusing experience and that is why great pains are given to create a sociable environment here where we have a place for interaction, support..."

Frankly, even being a heterosexual can be lonely and confusing. It is normal to feel awkward when first discovering your own sexuality. But for gays, I think they are quite unique in terms of having such gay sex clubs which are pretty open in letting people know that it is a place for casual sex or cruising as gays call it. For fuck's sake, there is even a "torture chamber" for them to fuck to their deaths, quite literally!

A simple check online and it turns out that there are at least a handful of these clubs around. Most of the clubs are similar, with sauna and gym facilities. But what is most enticing for gays are these dark private rooms where their wildest of fantasies can come through. And if you have no boyfriend, you can always go in there for open showers where it is easy to fuck with a stranger or those dimly lit maze where gays can grope each other and enjoy the mystic eroticism of foreplay before actual penetration. There is even a place for gay orgies!  

There are lubricants and condoms available throughout the establishment and patrons are encouraged to go about their business stark naked or clad in scanty briefs.  

Just check out some of these facilities and services that the gay sex clubs offer: 

But what makes these clubs so enticing and addictive for some gays is not only the readily available sex that can be found there but also how cheap such erotic and ecstatic enjoyment can be. Imagine a sexual climax that can take your breath away. It only cost an average of $20 to gain entry into these clubs and sometimes during happy hours, or day time, it is less than $10. 

They also encourage young men about the age of 18 years old to visit the clubs by giving them free entrance because they will in turn attract more well-off older customers. For an 18 years old gay, surely it must be quite exciting to be looking for a fuck in the dark mazes and corners of the spa, especially if you're dressed in your JC or ITE uniform. Oh, how addictive for the young corruptible minds.  

While these gay sex clubs operate above the law, I don't see why a similar heterosexual club cannot adopt a similar operation. And these gays are so lucky to have one another to fornicate for almost no costs, when most heterosexual men have to pay quite  lot to engage in erotic sex and risk being arrested for engaging an underage prostitute! It does seem to better deal to be gay in S'pore, an almost hedonistic existence.

Even as S377A is still in the law books of Singapore, it is truly amazing how liberal S'pore has become when such gay sex clubs can continue to operate without any harassment from the authorities...never mind the poor chap who died just after cumming. 

Well, at least they provide HIV testing for small donation of $8. After all the indulgence sinful irresponsible casual sex, I guess that's what they call social responsibility.