International Sunday: Loletta Lee lookalike from China

International Sunday was started because Singapore is such a cosmopolitan society with people from all over the world and Sunday is a day that most people, workers, local and foreign, get a day-off. So no better way than to celebrate with a chio bu or leng lui. Click here and here for earlier posts under International Sunday.

Remember Loletta Lee, classic soft-porn star from Hong Kong. Doesn't this model from China looks like Loletta?

Enjoy these pictures no matter where you are from because beauty knows no boundaries.

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Olivia Ang peels off her officer attire to show her tattoos

This is another set of local model Olivia Ang. She takes her time to shed her office attire revealing her black undergarments and very fierce tattoos. For those who indulge in visual pleasure, a heavily tattooed girl can be rather enticing, especially if she looks all demure on the outside.

With local girls being more adventurous, I am sure you will be able to find some colleagues who are kuai kuai on the outside but wild on the inside. So look carefully around your office now.    


National Day Special: Change parade with local Model Olivia Ong

Dear readers,

As we celebrate our country's 48th birthday, I thought I should join in the fun by conducting the great tradition of "change parade" for local model Oliva Ang. Now considered a ban punishment in the army, it brings back fond memories of togetherness and unity when Singapore was a young country. When we had lesser material things, but we counted our blessings and cherished the little that we have.

Let's see how Olivia change from boring SAF PT Kit to  a sexy fish net top and black undies. For all you horny Singaporean males out there who have served, serving or are going to serve, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Especially those who kena burn weekends because of NDParade. I know how you feel, I was there too.

Happy National Day!