Irresponsible Gay Sex is readily available in S'pore as Club 17 releases statement

From Straits Times:

"A naked businessman found hanging at an all-male spa could have died as the result of a sex game that went wrong, a court heard yesterday.

Mr Yeo Hung Song may have been practising auto-erotic asphyxiation, which involves starving the brain of oxygen to increase sexual arousal.

But State Coroner Imran Abdul Hamid said that suicide was also a possibility. He added that the 48-year-old restaurant boss, who was not married, suffered from depression and was believed to have harboured suicidal tendencies.

Mr Yeo was found dead in a cubicle at Club One Seven Spa & Gym - which is strictly for men only and has membership cards that list no names but only numbers. The court heard that he arrived on a motorbike at about 2pm on Nov 19 last year."

Club 17 has just released a statement on its Facebook page. It claims that "a homosexual in Singapore can be a very lonely and confusing experience and that is why great pains are given to create a sociable environment here where we have a place for interaction, support..."

Frankly, even being a heterosexual can be lonely and confusing. It is normal to feel awkward when first discovering your own sexuality. But for gays, I think they are quite unique in terms of having such gay sex clubs which are pretty open in letting people know that it is a place for casual sex or cruising as gays call it. For fuck's sake, there is even a "torture chamber" for them to fuck to their deaths, quite literally!

A simple check online and it turns out that there are at least a handful of these clubs around. Most of the clubs are similar, with sauna and gym facilities. But what is most enticing for gays are these dark private rooms where their wildest of fantasies can come through. And if you have no boyfriend, you can always go in there for open showers where it is easy to fuck with a stranger or those dimly lit maze where gays can grope each other and enjoy the mystic eroticism of foreplay before actual penetration. There is even a place for gay orgies!  

There are lubricants and condoms available throughout the establishment and patrons are encouraged to go about their business stark naked or clad in scanty briefs.  

Just check out some of these facilities and services that the gay sex clubs offer: 

But what makes these clubs so enticing and addictive for some gays is not only the readily available sex that can be found there but also how cheap such erotic and ecstatic enjoyment can be. Imagine a sexual climax that can take your breath away. It only cost an average of $20 to gain entry into these clubs and sometimes during happy hours, or day time, it is less than $10. 

They also encourage young men about the age of 18 years old to visit the clubs by giving them free entrance because they will in turn attract more well-off older customers. For an 18 years old gay, surely it must be quite exciting to be looking for a fuck in the dark mazes and corners of the spa, especially if you're dressed in your JC or ITE uniform. Oh, how addictive for the young corruptible minds.  

While these gay sex clubs operate above the law, I don't see why a similar heterosexual club cannot adopt a similar operation. And these gays are so lucky to have one another to fornicate for almost no costs, when most heterosexual men have to pay quite  lot to engage in erotic sex and risk being arrested for engaging an underage prostitute! It does seem to better deal to be gay in S'pore, an almost hedonistic existence.

Even as S377A is still in the law books of Singapore, it is truly amazing how liberal S'pore has become when such gay sex clubs can continue to operate without any harassment from the authorities...never mind the poor chap who died just after cumming. 

Well, at least they provide HIV testing for small donation of $8. After all the indulgence sinful irresponsible casual sex, I guess that's what they call social responsibility. 


A reporter goes undercover in Singapore gay sex saunas

An unnamed reporter from The New Paper has gone undercover to check out what happens in those gay sex saunas; including the establishment where one 49 years old man was recently found naked and dead, but not before shooting his cum while being chained up and deprived of oxygen to achieve a more intense climax.

The best part of the report is these gay saunas are perfectly legal despite being a place where random gay men can have random erotic sex with one another. The main reason is because there is no money exchanged between the person fucking and the person being fucked although with gays, they often end up performing both roles! The only way these gay sauna owners can get into trouble is that the police raid the place because people inside are fucking each other in the ass therefore contravening S377A.

Read the full report in the screenshots below:

This reporter should be commended for his sacrifices as men groped him in the dark mazes when he went to check out these gay saunas. But if he was a gay himself, then I guess the editor must have picked the right man for the job!

"But as my eyes adjusted to the environment, I noticed a few men leaning against the walls. Everyone wore thin towels that covered the lower halves of their bodies. Nothing else...

I decided to follow them and barely 10 steps forward, I felt more than one pair of hands touching me. Two men pressed themselves against me but I couldn't make out their faces."

So it seems in these gay saunas, men like to fuck each other in the dark, not knowing who they're fucking and also they like to fuck in more than a couple. The reporter also checked out the private rooms and he found that they could be latched from the inside. One of them had a tyre swing in the room, I guess for balancing the butt before asshole penetration. And one customer said that there used to be BDSM rooms (chains, leather, whips, handcuffs, etc) but they were apparently removed last year, sometime when the men died.

In a pitch black area called The Dark Room, the reporter found that there was more groping and many men standing in the dark waiting to fuck or be fucked. In other smaller saunas, he found similar cubicles and he could hear moans, groans and sexual sounds from these rooms just half the size of HDB rooms.

The gay sex saunas provided condoms and lubricant (for ease of penetration) and posters reminding patrons to practice safe sex and protect against spread of HIV were readily found. Sounds like many encounters here might not be as responsible as they should be. At least when a prostitute spreads for business, she ensures that condom is worn to protect her health and ensure longevity in her career...maybe not so for these gays looking for random sex where pleasure is more important than safety.

One Mr Lee even told the reporter that before these clubs, gays would cruise around in the public, meaning they look for casual sex partners openly and end up having sex in the public. Mr Lee said, now it was better with gay saunas, they could still have the same erotic sex with strangers, but behind closed doors!

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