Moko Top Girl Yan Feng Jiao Leaked Nude Modeling Photo Scandal With Fellow Chinese Model Zhang Wanyou Part 1

Here are the leaked naked photos of Chinese model Yan Feng-Jiao (闫凤娇) a.k.a. Niko published under another alias name she used for secret nude modeling in Tiawan. The now infamous toilet posing scandal photos and KFC family bucket scandal photos (See Part 2) of this young lady. Everyone in the Chinese speaking world seem to have been searching for these nude photos of Yan Fengjiao like mad, who was known for her lovely, sweet, and innocent appearance on the Jiangsu satellite TV dating show "If You Are the One (非诚勿扰)." Over the last year, she has been a fast raising mainstream model but no one knew she had this wild side. The person who leaked this scandal hinted that this is a scandal involving many people in the modeling circle in China. And those who have seen the photos believe that Xiao Wan is another MOKO model by the name of Zhang Wanyou (张婉悠) seen naked with Yan Feng-Jiao in bed surrounded by photographers.

Last week, a second MOKO Top Girl Yan Feng-Jiao a.k.a. Xiao Jiao had her nude
photographs made public after the Xu Ying leaked nude vacation photos indecent. And people have been searching for the nude photos of Yan Fengjiao like mad since then. Now there is a third MOKO Top Girl by the name of Zhang Wanyou with leaked nude photos. Zhang Wanyou's nude photos were discovered because of her connection and nude modeling activities with Yan Feng-Jiao. While many were searching for more nude photos of Yan Feng-Jiao, someone discovered Yan Feng-Jiao nude modeling with another girl.

Yan Fengjiao herself has published a statement saying that she was coerced into shooting these photos by a Taiwan businessman in 2009.
Jiangsu Satellite Television marketing director Liu Yuan, during an interview expressed that the lawbreaker should be severely punished. From the pictures taken she seemed to enjoy the photo sessions rather than being coerced. However, a new set of her nude photos soon emerged too on the web. In these new photos, many people were surprised to find that there was another girl involved, called Xiao Wan (little Wan, 小婉) but believed to be Zhang Wanyou, while Yan Fengjiao was called Xiao Jiao (小娇). Yan Feng Jiao admitted making indecent photos days before Zhang Wanyou released her own statement denying her participation.

On May 15, Zhang Wanyou released a statement at (roughly translated):

I am Zhang Wanyou. About Yan Fengjiao’s indecent photos now widely circulated on the Internet that has got myself embroiled, I hereby make a declaration as follows:

I did not know Yan Fengjiao, and had never heard of her name before my friends told me, not to mention that I would be with her shooting these indecent photos under coercion! I am ashamed to say that I searched out the photos of Xiao Wan (小婉) on the Internet. I believe anyone whose eyes are not separated from his body can easily tell she is not me! This is simply calling a stag a horse! Nonsense, and unbelievable! I am now really looking forward that the netizen who published that topic will post more relevant photos of that Xiao Wan soon to prove that I am innocent!

I hereby solemnly declare:
The girl in all the indecent photos circulated online is not me. Instead, this (calling that girl me) is a vicious attack and insult to me!
It really disgusts me that people put that ugly woman with me together!

And what makes me feel even more disgusted and sad is that some media websites are very irresponsible to associate the girl in the photos with me, and reported and spread the rumor. I don’t know for what kinds of puporse they did that. They have lost the basic morality as media, and the professional ethic of editors is very bad too. It has terribly angered me and hurt my heart!

In order to protect my reputation, I have trust the affairs to my lawyers to collect the relevant evidence. I reserve the rights to take any legal action necessary against any media websites that maliciously report and spread the rumor without responsibility.

Signature: 张婉悠
Date: 2010-5-15

Yan Feng Jiao has not confirm Zhang Wanyou as the other girl with her in her nude pictures. But she said the photos were taken in May/June 2009, however she claims they had been the lawless elements of coercion. But many people seem to think she intentionally had the photos taken and "leaked" them with the fake "oh my, I'm so violated" reaction to get sympathy and to self-promote. She has now formally submitted to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau in Zhabei Branch case to investigate. We have all seen that things are different now with Chinese celebrities gaining more fame after scandals. A few years ago, leaked nude pictures would destroy the career of a female Chinese celebrity. But after car show model Shou Shou, whose sex videos were recently uploaded online by her ex-boyfriend in order to ruin her, But instead has made her even more successful coming back with many endorsements.

Shou Shou’s sex videos scandal did not ruin her; instead it helped her win the instant fame and better chance for her career. So it is not a surprise many other young women want to follow in her foot steps. But "You Are the One" program, confirmed Yan Feng-Jiao has withdrawn from the program. Due to this controversy, she was also completely edited out of two previously recorded episodes that were schedule to air a few days after the scandal broke. But some believe with her newly found fame she will make a comeback with many endorsements. Anyway, this is going to be a three part or four part series over the next couple of days showing both girls. So stay tuned for more leaked girl on girl pics of Moko Top Girl Yan Feng Jiao and Zhang Wanyou in varies compromising positions! In some of the photos they are nude and in very intimate positions together! Click on pictures to enlarge.


And her secret overseas modeling start here:

Yan Feng-Jiao and the girl some believe to be Zhang Wanyou:

Original copy of the statement from Zhang Wanyou:




Yan Feng Jiao (闫凤娇) (born June 24, 1989 in Jilin Yanbian, China) is a Chinese model. She is a MOKO Top, Girl and the subject of a leaked nude photo scandal in May 2010 that gain her great fame.

Yan Feng Jiao's Profile

Name: Yan Feng Jiao 闫凤娇
Nationality: China
Place of Birth: Jilin Yanbian
Birthday: June 24, 1989
Occupation: advertising, graphic model makeup artist
Height: 167 cm
Measurements: 75 59 86
Interests: Internet, reading books, drawing, etc.
Constellation: Cancer
Features: Writing
Favorite music: Karen Mok
Favorite stars: Stanley Huang
Favorite movies: many, many
Favorite sports: the Internet, go to sleep, take pictures
Toilet photos and bedroom photos


Zhang Wan Yau or Zhang Wanyou (张婉悠) (born June 16, 1989 in Qingdao, China) is a Chinese model. She is a MOKO Top, Girl and the subject of a leaked nude photo scandal in May 2010 in connection with the Yan Feng-Jiao scandal. Zhang Wan You with fine facial features, flawless skin and a sexy body, she rises rapidly to fame in China where she is featured in numerous fashion magazine covers, a variety of entertainment shows and dramas such as 《爱情实录》《海上花》《一路花香》《放爱一条生路》. She was endorsed recently by a Chinese lingerie brand to shoot a pink underwear advertisement.

Zhang Wan You
's Profile:

Name: Zhang Wan You 张婉悠
Nationality: China
Place of Birth: Qingdao
Birthday: June 16, 1989
Occupation: advertising, graphic model makeup artist
Height: 170 cm
Measurements: 98 65 92
Blood type: O
Body weight: 55 Kg
Shoe size: 38

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British Prime Minister's Wife Samantha Cameron Candid Thong Panties Ass In See-Through Skirt On Day Three

Here is Samantha Cameron, wife of new British Prime Minister David Cameron, leaving her house on Thursday May 13, 2010 in London, England heading to her last day of work as the creative director of Smythson. She is taking a part-time consultancy role within the firm after David Cameron was elected PM and instead opting for a full-time job as a very modern No. 10 wife. And by the word: "modern" I really mean: "skanky" as in; "look at that English skank's thong clad ass." She must have not realize how sheer her almost fully see-through skirt was thus exposing her ass to the world in the week of the best day of her husbands life. It is always interesting to see what grade of tail the leader of a major power is getting behind closed doors. Sure David marry Samantha not because of her looks but rather her family's money but that kind of arrangement is English as fish and chips or bad teeth. I Joke! Don't get mad!

Talk about making a good first day impression, Samantha drop the revealing thong pictures nearly on day one. So, can we expect the topless pics by next week?
The paparazzi who took these candid pictures of this round bum just paid off his mortgage. By the way, these thong panty shots of Britain's first lady ass were taken only a few minutes after she dropped the kids off at school. If you find that info useful while looking for Samantha's knickers between her cheeks, you are one awesome perv. The see-through skirt and thong panties on Samantha are not a bad look considering the fact that she is five months pregnant. Anyway, David Cameron is no Margaret Thatcher so Britain is screwed so start shorting UK's bonds and the British pound because the country is going to hell in a year or two years tops. Lets hope we get a non-preggo preferable a pre-preggo or at the very least post-preggo sex video before then. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Samantha Gwendoline Cameron (née Sheffield, born April 18, 1971 in North Lincolnshire, England) is a British business executive and wife of the Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron. Until 13 May 2010 she was the creative director of Smythson of Bond Street, a stationery firm. She took on a part time consultancy role within the firm after David Cameron was elected Prime Minister.

Samantha grew up on the 300 acre (121 hectare) estate of Normanby Hall, five miles (8 km) north of Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire. Her family also owns a large Yorkshire estate called Sutton Park. She went to the private School of St Helen and St Katharine in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and then took her A levels at Marlborough College in Wiltshire. She did an art foundation at Camberwell College of Arts and then went on to study Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic (now the University of the West of England). It was while she was a student there that she met David Cameron through her acquaintance with his sister, Clare Cameron. Samantha Sheffield and David Cameron married on 1 June 1996 in Oxfordshire.


Sophie Turner Faunts Her Bubble Ass... Kim Kardashian Who?

Here is actress/model Sophie Turner's and her sweet perky ass arriving at a charity event in Beverly Hills over the weekend in a tight little skanky dress. She has a huge ass to go along with her huge tits and her dress compliment them very well. Giving Kim Kardashian a serious run for her behind, the Australian model took her time to show off her assets. Sophie Turner is regarded as a household name down under, but here in the states she seems to be just bubbling to the surface. And thanks to TMZ, that may have happened a bit quicker than anyone expected because of a battle of the booties just sparked with Kim Kardashian. The outlet posted a brief tidbit about her, which included a video where Sophie apparently implies that Kim Kardashian's ass isn't real. Of course Kim has maintained all along that she has never had butt implants—but who knows? Sophie said that her bottom is real and pure Australian goodness when compared to socialite Kim Kardashian's huge Armenian butt.

Ms. Turner who calls herself as the "Saucy Aussie," was complimented on her backside and how it put Kardashian's celebrated well-endowed rump to shame. "Mine's real! Its pure Aussie goodness," reports quoted her as replying. The Aussie model was the winner of Channel 10's Search For A Supermodel in 2001, and secured a $250,000 modeling contract with the prestigious Ford Models. Sophie is 5' 9" and weighs 127 lbs. Her measurements are 36-24-36. And for you foot-fetish weirdos, she wears a size 8 ½. Her hair is obviously blonde, and is classified as "very long." Her eye color is blue, and she is described as Caucasian on her Modelmayhem profile. So what do you think, can her ass hold a candle to Kim Kardashian's fat behind? Click on pictures to enlarge.




Sophie Turner (born April 30, 1984 in Melbourne, Australia) is an Australian actress and supermodel who first gained notoriety as a contestant on the Australian television series Search for a Supermodel.