More photos of Miss Hong Kong 2013 contestants

I prefer to see beauty contestants in normal clothes because being all made up can be misleading. Unless we have something all naturel.

"Apple Daily reported that the 23-year-old Virginir, who reminded the reporters of a mix between Tracy Chu (朱千雪) and Karena Ng (吳千語), had a Weibo account under the name “Rosemary,” which has since been deleted. On her profile, Virginir claimed that she earned a performance degree from Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama in 2009. The photos in her photo album, which only consisted of 31 pictures, showed Virginir performing at various theater gigs and other acting performances.

Educated and talented, Virginir reportedly won first place in a talent competition five years ago and was also torch bearer for the Beijing Olympics. The alleged Weibo account of Virginir had over 1,700 followers before it was deleted.

Unlike Virginir, the media’s other hot favorite, Karen, did not seem to worry about the invasion of privacy. As of today, she has kept her Facebook intact. Her photos – amassing to over 1,800 – are available for everyone to see.

Karen appears to have an active social life. She has countless photos of herself wearing bikinis and attending rave parties. There are also photos of Karen kissing the lips of a female friend at a yacht party.

Party girl or not, Karen is well-educated. Her Facebook noted that she has earned a bachelor’s degree (with honors) on International Trade and English from the University of Portsmouth, England. She has worked for Hong Kong Airlines and is currently the operator of her own online shopping website, 1Piece.DRESSES, as well as the second-hand store, Chanel Expert.

TVB announced that 18 out of 400 candidates will be selected to advance to the semi-finals on August 25. The finals will be held on September 1."



The final 20 contestants for Miss Hong Kong 2013

These are the 20 official contestants competing for the 2013 Miss Hong Kong crown after  a stringent selection process and a second round of interview.

17 local beauties and 3 overseas contestants were selected. Favorites are #9Virginir Lau (劉溫馨) and #15 Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) and #12 Karen Leung (梁家欣). Leung is from Scotland, while #10 Michelle Liem(林伊麗) and #19 Natalie Sui (蕭穎詩) from the United States.

Judges will decide on the final 3 contestants while public votes will determine their eventual placing. This format was first introduced last year and it met with great controversy after the voting system was hacked and the final results called into question.

Personal favourite is #5, #15 and #16. What the hell is #11 and #14 doing here? And what kind of name is Virginir? Haha!

The list of the 20 contestants are:
1. Kendy Cheung (張敬仁)
2. Whitney Law (羅紫君)
3. Tessy Yu (余思慧)
4. Iris Lee (李曉東)
5. Ashley Chu (朱智賢)
6. Moon Lau (劉佩玥)
7. Acca Sum (沈桂澄)
8. Susan Su (謝海珊)
9. Virginir Lau (劉溫馨)
10. Michelle Liem (林伊麗)
11. Summer Ng (吳瑋雯)
12. Karen Leung (梁家欣)
13. Au Yeung Hao Ying (歐陽巧瑩)
14. Sara Lam (林思韻)
15. Sisley Choi (蔡思貝)
16. Peggy Tsui (徐韶蓓)
17. Grace Chan (陳凱琳)
18. Cherry Cheung (張雪瑩)
19. Natalie Sui (蕭穎詩)
20. Vicky Chan (陳偉琪) 


Suspect Iskandar Rahmat declared a bankrupt a day after committing murder

Iskandar Rahmat was declared bankrupt a day after committing the gruesome murders of Tan Boon Sin and his son Tan Chee Heong.

According to various sources, Iskandar was facing financial difficulties due to his domestic situation. He apparently owed more than $60,000 with a local bank. His debts were not due to gambling but believed to be related to mismanagement of his personal finances. 

Iskandar, single, is staying with his parents in a HDB flat in Toa Payoh. When reporters went to his house, they saw a young woman in the flat but occupants refused to be interviewed.

A Chinese tabloid reported that his father was working as a taxi driver while CNA said that he was a scooter enthusiast.   

It is unclear if Iskandar was motivated by money or otherwise.