Korean Secretary Having Sex At The Office With Her Boss Recording POV Style



POV sex video of a submissive Korean secretary sucking and fucking her boss at work. A very high percentage of secretaries in Asia know that being fucked is part of their function. Must be a wonderful thing being the boss and hanging out in the corporate offices in Korea and Southeast Asia particularly looking for a willing lady to fulfill this function. Japan is getting away from it a bit, but they were the first to made this a well understood office custom. Enjoy!



Korean Secretary Having Sex At The Office With Her Boss Recording POV Style Sex Video

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Dumb civil servants and stupid opposition

Dear SHS,

I stay near Causeway Point in Woodlands and I have encounters with a wheelchair bound old lady selling tissue. She's seen sometimes seen harassing school children who refused to buy tissue from her. Neighbours have seen people wheeling her into Woodlands MRT station every morning and she was left alone. She will be picked up at the end of the day. Rumours is that the old lady stays in a landed property and she throws tempers at social workers who approach her.

The purpose of this e-mail is to highlight 2 uncomfortable facts:

1 - The old lady's situation is being taken advantage of by Vivian Pan. She makes it seem as if the old lady needs help and she is assisting her. Vivian is a partner of opposition member Gilbert Goh, someone who even used children on stage to deliver political speech. Yes the 6.9 million white paper is disgusting but after registering our unhappiness at the first protest, I really start to wonder what's the purpose of the other protests besides just whining?  

2 - I highlighted the old lady's situation to Chan Chun Sing's Ministry. Instead of helping the old lady, Chan Chun Sing's staff immediately push the matter to NEA citing reason "selling of tissue come under the purview of NEA". Any 3 year old boy knows the crux of the issue is not the illegal hawking of the tissue but it is the old lady's current situation. Why did her family put her there every morning despite rumours that the family stays in landed property? With such dumb civil servants, do you believe Chan Chun Sing is a future Prime Minister?

I have attached the email chain.

Thank you.


Artistic moments of an unknown local

Enjoy these artistic moments of an unknown local. She seems to be enjoying herself while posing for the camera. Quite impressed with the black and white photos, seem quite provocative.

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