$3K girl Diana Mathilda Yeo alleged to be a third party

Singapore Hall of Shame has received a message from a reader alleging Diana Mathilda Yeo, the girl famous for saying that men earning less than $3K/month are pathetic, to be a third party about 3 years ago when Diana was working at Modiva Club as a server.

The reader by the name of "Priscilla" has said that Diana slept with her ex-boyfriend Ken. Ken was the manager of Modiva at St James, a popular nightclub in Singapore, while Diana was the server. When Priscilla and Ken were quarreling and going through a cooling period, Diana decided to have sex with Ken as claimed by Priscilla.

Priscilla found out later when she got back together with Ken. She said that Diana did not tell her the truth and it was later that Diana told Priscilla herself. Oh gosh, there is nothing like two girls fighting because of a man I guess. Cat fight! 

Priscilla told SHS that Ken and herself have both moved on and got together with different people. 

So who would you choose if you were Ken (assuming you're earning more than $3K/month)? Hahaha...Hmmm...I wonder why the words "SERVER" are in CAPS?

Edit on 4 Dec: Priscilla messaged me and said Ken is a disgusting guy. She also said that there was no physical cat fight and asked SHS to hide her identity as she's getting married soon.

Diana Mathilda Yeo




Singapore girls says men earning less than $3K/month is shit!

When do you know materialism is running this country down to the SGHorny? I guess it is when Singaporean women think men earning less than $3000 per month is considered crap and unworthy of them. 

In fact, this Singapore char-boh, Diana Mathilda Yeo, is so materialistic that she even said it openly on FB. She said men earning 3K per month is pathetic and that they "blocked the way ah". 

After being outed by netizens, she deleted all her social media accounts, perhaps showing that she has some sense of shame afterall?!.  Diana is a tuition teacher earning about $50 an hour and she drives an Audi. Well, I guess this teacher wasn't that smart after all.

Due to the materialistic Singapore culture, where one is judge by the house you stay and the car you drive, it is getting very common for youngsters to spend their salaries on indulgences such as cars, expensive meals and shopping. 

A word of advice to Diana and bitches like her, your character sucks so much that even ugly rich playboys will most probably run away or just take u for a few fucks. If everything is justified by money, then I guess you're no different from Geylang chickens. Wait, I think they got more pride than you. 

Diana's social media accounts have been deleted:

When the Chinese tabloid carried this news, they commented how she was a beauty...and as usual MSM has no balls to show her pictures. 

This is how Diana looks like and I will leave it to you guys to decide if she is beauty or if she is worth your effort (if you're earning more than 3K! HAHAHA). Overall, she looks quite fake with super gao make-up and fake eyelashes. Leave your comments or in FB page


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