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The download links for Singaporean model turn DJ Tenashar leaked nude photos from last week's post are here as promised for your convenience and pleasure. And we have some good news and bad news on this Singaporean leaked nude pics scandal. People are saying most of the nude photos of DJ Tenashar are still not on Gutter Uncensored yet. Yup, there are a lot more nudes from where these came from that were taken years ago but sadly we don't have them, well not yet at least. So please send these unseen on GU nude photos of Tenashar to the email address GutterUncensored(at) as soon as possible so that they can be posted and shared with all. Here are the download links to the naked pictures of Tenashar we have so far:





These links contain all the photos from the original post including the 27 naked pictures of Tenashar. You should know Tenashar is trying her best to remove these nude photos of her from the web so you might want to get your copies saved while you can at this point. And rumors are there are a lot more nude photos of Tenashar from the photo shoot these 27 nudes where taken. The nude art photography website the complete sets were available is now defunct but many subscribers should have downloaded the photos of her in the time it was up. So we are asking someone to please email the complete collection or whatever additional nude photos you have of Tenashar. If you have more nude or topless pictures of DJ Tenashar or pictures taken after her boob job then please send them to our email address. Just email us the uncensored pictures and/or videos (of individuals 18 year-old or older) to GutterUncensored(at) ASAP. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.!2AklFaAQ!PEw-yju8MoTiQ_3W3X1wyzYN5-wBWBw0ymDyyfrbRcM



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Debbie Valerie Long better known by her stage name as DJ Tenashar was born and brought up in Singapore by a Eurasian father and a Chinese mother, but has lived most of their years in Spain and Europe. Tenashar's Eurasian heritage is that of Spanish and Chinese. After spending most of her early modeling and DJing days in Europe (Spain, Ibiza, Italy). This FHM Cover girl is now based in Hong Kong and models and DJs internationally.

Tenashar's talents extends beyond the realm of modelling, but also to photography, disk-jockeying and entrepreneurship. Tenashar was also once a broker in the financial world of Singapore but she gave up this career to follow her passion for photography and modeling eventually.

Proficient in English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin, it is no surprise the name Tenashar is fast becoming internationally known. Her modelling career has already seen a series of successful shoots with notable brand names such has Cosmopolitan, FHM, Asian Geographic, Wardrobe Fashion Trends (WTF) and Fashion TV.

As a model embedded with a European mindset, she hopes to work with more photographers and artists in her pursuit of creating more photos that would transcend the boundaries of conventional modeling. Where others might see modeling as a means, Tenashar sees beyond that, where what she does is an art form.


Who took and leaked Michayla Wong's nude photos?

Malaysian model Michayla Wong model nude photos have created some stir up north, but the people who took her photos and likely leaked them are actually in Singapore.

One of them is her former boyfriend Lai Wee Kiat, originally from Malaysia, who is a beef cake and bodybuilder champion. Crowned Mr Kuala Lumpur in 2013, he is the youngest champion ever. Lai is now working in Singapore as a personal trainer and running this website called fabodylous. A student of NUS Business School, it is likely that he is scholarship holder, or at least a recipient of generous study grants that the Singapore government gives out to foreign students. I guess they might have made a mistake with this Malaysian boy here?! 

According to a girl who claims to be Michayla, Lai took her photos when they were a couple and then traded them with unscrupulous people when they had an ugly break out. After their breakup, it seems that Lai has moved on to a new girlfriend who is equally enthusiastic about body building, as he openly shares his pictures on his FB. Netizens have also been saying how well-endowed Mr KL is, as he shows off his large ding-dong. 

However, in the pictures, both Michayla and Lai have cameras so either one of them could have leaked the photos? And if Lai really leaked them, why would he leak photos of his own big, crooked ding-dong? hmmmm...

Both Michayla and Wee Kiat have their own cameras so either party could have leaked them. 

If Wee Kiat really leaked his own photos, would he leak his own big and crooked ding-dong? 

Lai Wee Keat with his new muse

The other person who took Michayla's nude photographs and could likely have leaked is this Singaporean freelance photographer called Derrick Poh or "Derrick Dpgrapher" . "Michayla" admitted to taking nude photos with Derrick and another "Jonathan". Apparently, Michayla did it because she was broke and she could get fast cash doing nudes while the photographers promised her that the photos were for private collection. 

Same old song, different tune? 

Thanks to all the readers who submitted information to make this post possible. 


Serina Wee of City Harvest trying to rip off Singaporean again?

Singaporeans might have to stop looking at Serina Wee for moment and realise that she might be ripping off Singaporeans again, no matter how much of a MILF she is.

We know that the church leadership of City Harvest is on trial for misappropriating church monies to fund the (non-existent) singing career of Sun Ho. What we also know is that CHC preaches something esoteric called prosperity bible where devotees are pressured into contributing a substantial amount of their earnings to the church. What the church does with the money? Don't ask, don't question, don't say.

So what is the conduct and character of some of these so-called holy men and women doing the work of God by running a church? Some might say they are wrongly accused while others would say they are corrupted. From Kong Hee copying sermons, to Sun Ho's boob job and affair with Mark Kwan, and their venture into high fashion that belittles religion, I tend to agree with the view that they are corrupted because the evidence is compelling.

Now some might think the rest of them, like Serina Wee, are being led astray by Kong Hee and Sun Ho, but I think otherwise. If anything, they are of the same mould. When Serina Wee announced the launch of her blogshop, you begin to realise what these people are after and how opportunistic they are. Religion and working for a church was just a facade.

Despite being on trial, she was smart enough to use her fame to launch her business, and allow her facebook pictures to remain accessible to the public so that they can lap up her fashionista holy goodness (but what can I say, Singaporeans are gullible that way). Not only that, she rips off unknowing Singaporeans by selling the same dress on her blogshop for almost double the price.

See this straightforward comparison of the same dress between missystella (by Serina Wee) and Saturday Club (another blogshop). The dresses are identical and red colour is available in both websites, but one retails for $37 while Serina Wee sells her for $69!

(Thanks to reader Daphne for informing SHS.)

There might be more examples but I am not that sort who would go through the catalog of a blogshop. Suffice to say, from what I see thus far, Serina Wee is no angel either despite her angelic looks.