Lovely Taiwanese College girl’s filthy spreading legs photos leaked (5pix)

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Super Cute Japanese 24YO mom’s lovely breast feeding Broadcasting Capture (30pix)

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US Airways tweets picture of cheesepie in reply to an unhappy customer

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But then suddenly, US Airways decided to reply with this:

The pictures were from here.

It was Twitter, what do you expect? It went viral and US Airways took an hour to remove the pic. Haha. Since then US Airways have apologised saying that it was sent out by mistake and the picture was originally sent to the airline's twitter account....

"US Airways apologized Monday for sending out a Twitter message that included a pornographic image.

The airline acknowledged that the image came from its Twitter account but said it was sent by mistake. US Airways said the image was originally sent to the airline's account and US Airways tried to flag is as inappropriate.

"Unfortunately the image was inadvertently included in a response to a customer," the airline said in a statement. "We immediately realized the error and removed our tweet. We deeply regret the mistake and we are currently reviewing our processes to prevent such errors in the future.”

Although US Airways removed the tweet, the image has been posted throughout the Internet as a screen grab.

The tweet that included the image was directed at a Twitter user in response to her complaint about a delayed flight from Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina to Portland International Airport in Oregon.",0,5852027.story#ixzz2ywenU4AD

Now that's what I call customer service! 

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