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Another AMDK being an arsehole in Singapore

What's new this Monday? Another Ang Mo Dua Ki acting like he owns the fucking road. This prick jammed his brakes and had the cheek to flick the middle finger at the other driver.

A driver who threatened another after he jammed his brakes suddenly is raising the ire of netizens.

The driver, a Caucasian, reportedly stopped his vehicle because he had missed a turn, citizen journalism website Stomp reported.

This prompted the driver behind him, whose wife was in the car with him, to honk at him, and ask: "What's wrong with you?"

To this, the driver who stopped suddenly replied: "Do you want to get hurt?"

When asked if he was threatening them, the man said "yeah" a few times, Stomp reported.

When the man said that he was going to take a photo of the Caucasian driver, the driver showed his middle finger to the man.

Read the story here

It's a common thing here in Singapore. Ang Moh or white people acting like they are fucking big shots here in Asia when they are actually some fucking low-life back in their country. They are here for the Asian "fucking" adventure because they cannot cut it back home and some people here just worship them like they are some kind of fucking Greek god. Most of the jobs that they do can be done by a local but they have the talent of complicating what they do and making it sound like only they can do it. Most of the time we don't need them, and if the US and Europe was doing so good, why the fuck come out here?

One thing u can't teach a AMDK or a white trash is respect because they are simply just bloody monkeys driven by bananas and sex.

If you know more information of this guy, please contact the FB page here and he shall be shamed!